Gronilly is a Dutch brand, designed by Willy van der Sluis (1976).
Graduated from University of Applied Sciences Leeuwarden Art and Design.

Inspired by her lovely childhood memories she designs original crochet products for boys and girls and for everyone who can't resist the temptation!


The products are easy to recognize by the simple designs,

the bright colors and the sweet look, something that really appeals to children.


The products are designed in the Netherlands and handmade in Thailand as part of a Thai gouvernment project to support the community.

It helps traditional Thai handicraft businesses in small villages to promote their products and folk handicrafts of each district.


The employees are women who are specialized in traditional handcrochet.

By working for Gronilly they can earn some more income for their families.

Gronilly products are produced without childlabor and all the employees are paid a fair wage.